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About the Project

When I was younger, I was bullied. Eventually things got so bad that I attempted suicide. When I got help, and lived through it, I vowed to fight against bullying...

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Bullying, attempted suicide and how a metro Atlanta girl survived it all

In a CBS interview, founder Polina tells her story.

Dunwoody High graduates Polina Milter and Taylor Goode started The Push Back Project, a support group for victims of bullying.

Photo by Daniel Beauregard

Polina Milter and Taylor Goode attended Dunwoody High School, were friends on Facebook, but never actually spoke to each other until Goode realized they had more in common than just the same circle of friends.

Earlier in the year, Milter was interviewed on CBS for a piece on bullying that Goode watched. After realizing both had been targets of bullying at Dunwoody, Goode sent Milter a message asking if she wanted to get together.

“It’s something that we’re both very passionate about,” Goode said. “You’re never going to be able to eliminate bullying completely but my goal is to make it so people aren’t helpless to it.”

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